Zinc Force

Product : Zinc Force (330g/kg)


  • Available Pack size : 3 Kg.
  • Active Ingredient : Zinc Sulphate Mono Hydrate
  • Formulation : 33%
  • Crops : Rice, Cotton, Maize, Potato, Sugar Cane, Wheat, Chili, Onion, Mango, Apple, Guava, etc
  • Pest / Diseases : Ensures Zinc Availability
  • Dosage per acre : 6kg
  • Manufactured By : Headland Agrochemicals Ltd. England
  • Imported, Packed & Marketed By : Swat Agro Chemicals, Peshawar Pakistan



Introduction :


  • Headland Zinc is a buffered liquid formulation of zinc sulphate designed for cost-effective correction of zinc deficiency in crops. Zinc is used in the plant in conjunction with other essential nutrients for stimulation of various enzyme systems. Zinc deficiency severely depresses photosynthesis. Maize, potatoes, top fruit, hops, linseed, barley and beans are particularly sensitive to zinc levels. Sandy soils, high pH soils and soils with high phosphate level can limit the availability of zinc. Low temperature and wet conditions also limit the uptake of zinc. Low temperatures frequently occur during the early stages of development of maize and it is essential that adequate zinc is available.


Formulation :


  • Headland Zinc contains 150 gms/litre of zinc as the sulphate, formulated with buffering agents and a modern surfactant system to ensure stability and effective cover and adhesion to foliage.


Rates of Use :


  • Marginal Deficiency: 2.0 l/ha in at least 200 litres of water
  • Moderate deficiency: 4.0 l/ha in at least 200 litres of water
  • Severe deficiency: 4.0 l/ha in at least 200 litres of water and repeat as necessary during the growing season.
  • A crop’s nutrient status can only be determined accurately by tissue analysis. Headland recommends that tissue analysis results are used whenever possible to optimise micronutrient applications.


Timing :


  • Apply whenever a zinc deficiency is observed or expected, or as a routine maintenance treatment. Applications may commence after the three-leaf stage or as soon as there is sufficient foliage present to absorb the spray.
  • Best results will be obtained from applications made during the early morning or evening when moisture is present in the plant. Do not apply in extremes of temperature, very bright sunlight or when crops are under drought or other stress.


Application :


  • Half-fill the spray tank with clean water, begin agitation and add the required quantity of Headland Zinc. Add the rest of the water and apply without delay.
  • The use of Headland Guard 2000 at 0.1% v/v is recommended to improve spray retention and rainfastness. Contact Headland Agrochemicals for more information.


Compatibility :


  • Headland Zinc is physically compatible with many spray-applied agricultural chemicals. Consult your distributor for the latest information. Alternatively, up-to-date compatibility information may be found at www.headlandag.co.uk. Read the label of the partner product carefully before mixing with Headland Zinc. Headland Zinc is incompatible with Headland Carnival.


Storage :


  • Protect from frost. Store above 5°C. Do not store in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


Safety Precautions :


  • The Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2002 (CHIP3) apply to this product.