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25+ Years of Experience

Since its inception in 1993, Swat Agro Chemicals has come a long way & has become more professional & experienced to serve the farmer community of Pakistan in an effective manner.

Honest and Dependable

Swat Agro Chemicals highly values honesty & that is why we have gained the confidence of Pakistani farming community from the past 25 years. We are highly committed to strengthen this confidence by giving you more dependable products.

Crop Protection & Nutrition Specialists

Quality is what we believe and that is why we are leading in most segments of Crop Protection & Crop Nutrition in Pakistan.

1+ Plant


Formulation & Packing Plant

Swat Agro Chemicals have established state of the art formulation & packing plant where we can formulate SC, EC & granular pesticides.

40+ Successful Products

Swat Agro Chemicals is highly committed to quality products. We have the honor of bringing innovative & novel products to Pakistan from all over the World. The success of these products have been huge & we thank the farmer community for their confidence in Swat Agro Chemicals.