Altum K

Product : Altum-K

  • Available Pack size : 1 Ltr
  • Active Ingredient : Potassium 
  • Formulation : 30% w/v
  • Crops : Citrus, Grapes, Pip Fruits, Stone Fruits, Tomato, Strawberries, Banana, Sugar beet, potato
  • Pest / Diseases : Ensures Potassium availability
  • Dosage per acre : 400ml
  • Manufactured By : Headland Agrochemicals Ltd. England
  • Imported, Packed & Marketed By : Swat Agro Chemicals, Peshawar Pakistan


Introduction :


  • A concentrated solution of potassium for foliar application on fruits and vegetables to correct potassium deficiencies and to improve the fruit coloration.


Formulation :

  • Water-soluble Potassium oxide (K2O):  30% w/v


Recommendations for foliar application :


  • Cotton : Perform a first application of 150-200 cc/100ltr water after all formation, then repeat 2-3 times during the ball development stage.
  • Citrus : Apply 200-300 cc/100 ltr water starting from the end of the fruit growth stage and continue till 15 days before harvest. Perform 4-5 applications according to needs.
  • Grapes : Apply 150-200 cc/100 lt water stratng from the fruit coloration stage. Repeat 2-3 times with 15 day intervals.
  • Pip Fruits (Apples, Pears, etc…) : Applications start at the end of fruit growth stage with 150-200 cc/100 lt. Repeat 3-4 times till before the harvest with 15-20 day intervals.
  • Stone Fruits (Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, cherries, etc…) : Applications start at the beginning of fruit coloration stage with 150-200 cc/100 lt water. Repeat 3-5 times according to needs with 15-20 day intervals.
  • Tomato and Strawberries : Apply 150-200 cc/100 lt water on green fruits at the end of their growth. Repeat till the end of harvest with 10-15 day intervals.
  • Banana : Perform 1-2 applications of 300-400 cc/100 lt water each. Repeat 2-3 times after fruit formation.
  • Sugar beet, potato, etc… : Apply 150-200 cc/100 lt water when enough leaves to absorb the foliar spray and repeat after tuber formation. Repeat if necessary
  • Pistachio, Hazelnuts, Olives : Applications start after fruit setting with 150-200 cc/100ltr water. Perform 3-4 applications till with 15-20 days interval till before the harvesting.


Compatibility :


  • Headland Altum-k is physically compatible with most spray applied agricultural chemicals. Consult your supplier for the latest information. Alternatively, up-todate compatibility information may be found on our web-site at
  • Read the label of the partner product carefully before mixing with Headland HiK. Blends of Headland Altum-k should not be acidified below pH 6. Avoid mixing with highly acidic materials


Storage :


  • Store in original container, tightly closed in a suitable store away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs and out of reach of children. Protect from frost. Store above 5°C. Do not store in direct sunlight or near direct sources of heat.