Oromate K26

Product : Oromate K26

  • Available Pack size : 2 Ltr, 4 Ltr
  • Active Ingredient :Humic Acid + Soluble Potash
  • Formulation :  20% + 6%
  • Crops :Cotton, Maize, Wheat, Rice, All Vegetables, All Fruits
  • Pests :
  • Dosage per acre :2Ltr. per Acer
  • Manufactured By : Omnia Specialties Australia Pty Ltd. Australia
  • Imported & Marketed By : Swat Agro Chemicals, Peshawar Pakistan


Introduction :


  • OROMATE K26 is a highly concentrated source of humic acids that are sourced and produced in Australia. Additionally, it contains fulvic acids and Potassium and it is rich in organic carbon and mineral substances essential to plant growth. OROMATE K26 improves soil moisture and nutrient retention, reduces nutrient lock-up in the soil, helps the development of better soil structures and stimulates plant root growth and soil biological activity.