Ultrasol Magnum Flex 16-22-23

Product : Ultrasol Magnum Flex 16-22-23

  • Available Pack size : 25 Kg
  • Active Ingredient : NPK 16-22-23
  • Formulation : Crystalline Powder
  • Crops : All Crops
  • Pests :
  • Dosage per acre : Depending on soil condition and crop type
  • Manufactured By : SQM
  • Imported & Marketed By : Swat Agro Chemicals, Peshawar, Pakistan


Introduction :


  • SQM is the global market leader in producing potassium nitrate of natural origin, with the lowest carbon footprint, chlorine-free, and 100% water soluble, allowing a more rational use of water for fertigation applications, increasing the quality and yield of a variety of crops. Our know-how comes from comprehensive research and numerous field studies conducted by our agronomic teams worldwide in close contact with growers. This sound agronomic knowledge is key for the development of specific formulas and matching fertigation software tools, allowing us to provide expert advice for balanced nutritional programs.

    UltrasolĀ® offers a complete range of water soluble nutrients designed to provide an integral solution through fertigation to meet the plantā€™s needs during each phenological phase. The UltrasolĀ® formulas are fully water soluble and chloride free, which enables all plants for efficient absorption of all nutrients, especially locked nutrients like Mg, Ca, Zn, Fe etc.

  • The UltrasolĀ® are Acid Low pH fertilizer Completely suitable for calcareous, High pH soils and irrigation water as well